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Hello, We Are Supratim's World

Supratim’s World is a literature blog, amalgamate of fictional stories & poetry.

His work is an art that combines the essence of life through the fabrication of reality. Each of his works defines the existence of consciousness in your soul.

His writings will open the doorway of your imagination. While enjoying his stories you will also have the joy of interacting with the fictional characters, be a part of their cosmos and experience their joys and sorrows.

It is his mission to reach out to individuals to help create and maintain love and virtuousness in relationships. He writes about creating secure-functioning relationships because he knows what it is like to not have one.

 In Supratim’s World, you will get a chance to go through topics related to love, relationships, emotional health, and self-help articles. He can present complex psychological concepts in an easy-to-understand way with lots of simple and practical tips for his readers. Many of his readers adore his transparency and Lucid Language.



Chief Content Creator & Author

The mind behind the contents. The dynamic leader who is also a fantastic author.



Public Relations

The youngest member of team. He is  expert on CRM and relationship building. 



Data Analytics 

Crunching number and extract the exact is his routine job. No one can understand number than him. 




He is the intelligent one so managing the complex one too. He manages the entire technical part without a glitch. 

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