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Have You Played Your Role ?

I do not express my view or thoughts on current affairs. Two major thoughts behind that, one I am not an expert on such topic and second such discussion only leads to a nasty level of argument never towards a solution.

But today it has compiled me to write this up. I forced to come up from my comfort sphere and play my role which my people of the nation demand from me.

In the current scenario, we all are scared, angry, and frustrated. I know that. I am not an exception to it. Each time looking at the misery of people hopelessly, make me also angry. There is no bed, no oxygen & no infrastructure. Our loved one dying in front of our eyes.

However, more painful things are above all these. We are still in a mode of blaming each other rather than doing our part. I don’t know it’s a fault of the central or state, it's an issue with ruling parties or opposition. The reason is gathering at Kumbha, political rallies, or just our careless attitude. I really don’t know. In fact, I don’t want to know even. Thinking backward shall never help us end this agony.

I know only one thing, my loved one’s dead body is a dry statistic for government and agenda for opposition’s political ambitions. Nothing more and nothing less.

Touch your heart and honestly ask yourself when you look for help who came forward. The political parties, the religious leaders or your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues. You know the answer. We may different opinions, but we are the only people who can stand for each other.

Whoever is reading this write-up my folded hand request to him or her. Please forget for few days what ideology you follow, which color you follow, which god you pray to, and who’s a fault it is. Let us stand together & follow one ideology that is humanity. Let us do our own part to help the nation.

Now already one question is arising in your mind that what is my role in it? What can I do about it? I am quite average person with zero influential power.

Let me answer your questions in order.

1. Keep yourself and your family safe:

The first step is to keep yourself and your family safe. It may look a little cliché. But trust me by doing that you are helping the nation in two ways. One you are not putting an additional load on our medical infrastructure. Second, being healthy, you may help another person who needs it. Always follow the rule of Airlines, before helping other please put the oxygen mask your own.

2. Providing Food:

In your society, neighborhood, or in your known circle you may find many families where they are down. No one fit enough to prepare basic foods. You can help them by providing some food at their hard times. Now there are also two ways, either you can cook a little extra with your own and send them. Second, you may book their foods over any online platform and get delivered. In a family of four, average a day’s meal cost varied from three to five hundred. Friends, we spend that much amount on a small size pizza or in a one multiplex movie ticket. However, if you still can’t afford that, don’t stop there. You can search and approach those people who are doing the same voluntarily, you just need to coordinate with them.

3. Verifying the data:

In the current situation, the biggest firefighting is to get a bed in any hospital. There are loads of data available for vacant beds or oxygen suppliers or ambulance services. My personal experience reveals almost all those numbers are not effective. Either they were not get connected or just keep on ringing and nobody responds. Just imagine being a completely healthy person I got irritated and frustrated then how it will affect a scared, panic and indisposed family. Here is your role comes. You just need to make some calls and find out who is giving such services. Then the second part is simple, whenever someone needs that information, you just coordinate and share the details. Trust me if you do it for a few days entire databases will be at your fingertips. This will be a great help for those families who don’t know from where they should start.

4. Providing Infrastructure:

This part might be a little expensive. Lots of patients are dying just because of not having an oxygen cylinder. They may completely okay if we just provided just an oxygen cylinder for only three to four days. You can collaborate with any NGO or form your own group and buy some cylinders & kits and provide them to those who are needed the most at free of cost and rotate the same as the maximum you can. It will save lots of people’s lives. Especially for those people who can’t afford a cylinder in this high-demand time. You also can help someone to buy vital medicines. In mild and medium affected patients need on average five hundred one and half thousand rupees medicine. Unfortunately, some of us don’t have that affordability.

5. Encourage Vaccination:

Trust me, end of the day, the ultimate solution for this gloom is vaccination. You can help in this field. A lot of people have an infinite number of misconceptions & wrong perceptions about vaccination and its efficiency. You can clear their doubts and encourage them to consult their trusted doctor to get clarified. Second, check with your maid, drivers, security guard, iron man, or owner of your nearest mom & pop store and many more like them they registered for vaccination or not. As the app has an issue of the crash or not generating OTP, you can help them get registered on the web.

6. Be positive keep positive:

So far if you think above all these jobs are not your cup of tea, and you can’t do any of it in this situation, then you are wrong. Still, you can do two things, one keeps yourself positive and two, make others too. It sounds easy, but it’s not. If you want to be positive, then you need to find positive things, even in this dark time. Rainbow never arises on a sunny day. You just need to focus on finding rainbows during the rain. But if you give up and succumb to negative information which is everywhere, then you can only see the storms and rains, not rainbows. The most powerful magical tool in our world is our word. It can heal even incurable. Your few positive words can make someone’s day, can speed up someone’s recovery. Your words can ignite the fire of hope in the dark. So just speak to them.

In the end, I can only request that this is the time you should support. Play your role. Do not restrict yourself by thinking that this effort may help no one or not adequate to the requirement. Trust me, your one little help may save a stranger’s life. Always remember this universe returns what you give to it.

Last not the least, to help others you need nothing but an honest intent.

Stay Safe. Keep safe.

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