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What you are missing?

By now we all are aware of the Corona virus protection process and what we should do at this stage. I am not repeating the same. One of the major steps in it is isolation or self-quarantine. Today it’s for 24 Hours you never know tomorrow it can be one week or more. Actually, last few weeks as are too much focus on the only corona virus. Somehow we are missing certain small things in this chaos which can create a big impact at this critical juncture. So let me aware you what you are missing.

1. Mental Health:

In the entire process, we actually forget to take care of our mental health condition. Too much negative information & thought of futile future, the uncertainty of condition, safety issue with our loved one, all these thoughts already put our mind in high stress. Quarantine or lockdown for a longer period will increase that many folds. So please take care of your mental health property. Please understand your high stress will lead to lots of unexpected health problem which might be fatal for you.

My suggestion in the current situation as follows, below steps that can help you reduce mental stress level.

a) If possible to do some freehand exercise of the day.
b) Watch movies, read books, listen to music or do whatever makes you happy. 
c) spend time with your family or kids. If staying alone, make a call or video call. However, don’t discuss the crisis all the time. I suggest if you are running out of topic to discuss then discuss the best time you spend together in the past.
d) Learn or develop any skill you are planning for long. 

More or the less if you can engage yourself in a positively and productively then 80% of mental health issue is over.

2. Watch your Food:

Your movement is minimal, and the body is more in a static condition which eventually leads you to the digestive issue, which creates a more uncomfortable situation for you in this time.

If you intake more cold products like cold drinks, ice cream etc. it increases the chances of catching cold or normal flu. However, in the current context, it’s all most impossible to differentiate at first level that it’s a normal flu or Corona. As a result not only you or your family, it’s your entire locality will come into the high panic situation.

My suggestions are below,

a) Try to avoid spicy food as long as you are lockdown. Have simple, less spicy food. 
b) Avoid any form of cold food.
c) Minimize caffeine intake. 
d) Avoid junk food as a maximum you can. 
e) If you are keen to take alcohol in this lockdown, I suggest don’t fall into this temptation. It’s not a holiday, it’s a global crisis. 

3. Indulging Information:

Nowadays we are leaving in the world which is flooded with true and false information. Information flow in such a large volume that it is beyond our screening capacity. As a result, we are most misled or panic by improper information.

However, I am not asking you to shut your eyes to the current scenario and lives in the rabbit hole. My only suggestion that is aware, but not more than that.

My suggestions are below,

a) Update yourself in a significant regular interval. Preferably 4 to 6 hours interval. No need to check all the time. 
b) Don’t take all the information as authentic and start reacting on it. Please validate any critical information before reacting on it or forwarding to different people. Please understand people value the information basis on your credential not the basis of source of information. 
c) Don’t take social media information too seriously. Most of the cases it’s fake.
d) Be a responsible citizen and don’t spread rumor and wrong information. 

4. Basic Health issues

Right now we are too much focused on a corona that missing one point. We already had the preexisting disease to deal with. If you are suffering from any basic disease like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, dehydration etc. then take maximum care for same. Please understand if we cannot stop stage 3 or 4 of the pandemic in India. You will not even have time to get treated or avail of any medical facility like Italy. Corona will consume all medical infrastructure affected patience. They will treat you based on your survival chances. So please don’t ignore this part.

My suggestion is as below,

a) have a close monitor on your preexisting disease and avoid any sort of actions, foods or anything which trigger this.
b) keep your daily and emergency medicine handy. 
c) If you feel things are not in place please contact your Doctor over the phone at the first stage. Don’t wait till it’s become critical or emergency. 

5. Don’t stop living

As a human being, we have overcome lots of odds since inception. Our fighting spirit makes us longest survive species, even being most fragile. So don’t lose hope. Don’t be gloomy and down all the time. Please remember your family will reciprocate, which you show to them. So be aware, take precautions, stay at home at the same time to have fun, spend quality good time. Create a cheerful environment. Talk and think about positive things.

Last but not the least, I am neither a doctor nor an expert. I am just a common ordinary man. Whatever I have written, I am following in my life. My survival instinct leads me there. The only purpose of this writing is to help others. If my writing helps even a single person to deal with this crisis, the purpose attains.

Be safe. Be positive. Let’s help each other.

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