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One Night Stand

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Tonight, a lonely one, solitary yet seductive.

Oh, my moon pie, why darkness is so addictive.

Maybe for only a few hours, you are mine.

Let it be one night only. Still, desire incline.

Oh, darling let me hug you tight.

Let me feel your stripped soul, bright.

Let me kiss you like a year's first rain.

Let me put my saliva on your burning pain.

Let me touch your heart with light, fasten your breath.

Let me taste the nectar, tear your lips with my teeth.

Oh, darling, let me put my finger on your belly button.

Spark of static charge. Cloud of pink candy cotton.

You fall on me like a warm wild waterfall.

Let us float over our past. Let sadness crawl.

Oh, darling let me hold you in my arms, tonight.

Let us ignore today, what is wrong what is right.

Let me smell your bare skin with my arid lips.

Let me love you, darling, until the next eclipse.

Let me drink your teardrop before turning ice.

You just immerse in me. Let's us be alive, twice.

Let me be the wind under the wings when you fly.

Let me cover you with my warmth when you cry.

Baby, don't hold yourself, be you. Be rough.

Let me burn myself on the virtue of making love.

After tonight, nothing on you & things would not be nice.

I know this is my dead end. Yet, I am ready to pay price.

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