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Utopian Unicorn

Perfect reflector, inappropriate coarse reflection.

Infected nectar. Cutting loose. Clammy Affection.

Long liplock, out of breath. Dark love bites on the chest. Trails of nails.

Cloud of the crowd. Flying paper boat. Burning pages of our fairy tales.

Your smoky kiss, touch the curse, it cast the spell.

Mirror house of your memories. My personal hell.

A deceased scar. An old fallen star. Montage of your broken nightmares.

Feelings are on the trampoline. Fireworks of words. Heart’s backstairs.

Unfinished symphony. Our last song. Failed to be learned.

All of me. Let all go wrong. Let it be left, to be burned.

Nicotine in neurons. Imperceptive butterfly. Radioactive decay.

Entropyied emotions. Silent like Moth’s wing. Empty ashtray.

Let the fire flow through my soul. Contained firestorm.

Twinkling teardrop. Chasing in the dark, utopian unicorn.

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