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The Dead Phoenix

Suhina just books the Uber. It’s showing ten minutes more to reach her office to pick her up. Suhina is an outgoing, free spirit girl. She believes in loud expressions of emotions. Ravi is the most introvert boy god never made. They are in a relationship. God knows how they fall in love to each other. Possibly the opposite attracts more than similarity. But, as days move, misfits are popping out in their relationship. Suhina hates waiting in date and Ravi always late. This fuelled the fire in Suhina’s head. Suhina always finds herself insulted. She thinks Ravi does this with intent to give her an inferiority complex.

Suhina was sitting alone in the coffee shop. As usual, Ravi had not reached yet. Suhina took a sip from her cup. Her facial expression got changed. Coffee tasted much bitter than normal. Ravi entered the coffee shop and started looking for her. His eyes were scanning fast. Ravi knew that another storm was coming soon.

Ravi flopped on the chair opposite Suhina. He tried to smile, but it faded midway. He brought his handkerchief and tried to clean his face even there was no sweat. She gave a sharp look to him. “Ravi, things are in same state. Even we discussed it so many times. I don’t see our future together anymore.”

“Please Don’t say that. I love you more than my life. Don’t you realise that?”

“Yes, Ravi, I do. But do you think only love alone enough for relationship? When do you last remember that you bring any gifts for me? It’s never. Do you have any idea, how many house parties and night club invitations I have declined because you don’t like all this? But you didn’t bother about my happiness. Look at my other friends, maybe you will learn something.”

Suhina thumped her fist on the table. It was loud enough to grab attention of others.

“You always busy with your work, your book, etc. All those boring things you die for.”

“Suhina, I always assumed that genuine love is the only thing which lasts long. So-called show off love never appeals to me. Giving gifts, attending parties or decorating our relationship to others never be important to me.”

Ravi took a small pause. He looked straight into Suhina’s dark eyes with great compassion.

“Suhina, I know only one thing, my love for you is sincere and profound. Why only just two of us can’t make you happy? Why we need other’s approval to get it right?”

“Leave it, Ravi, you don’t understand. Expecting you to be on time, that’s my fault? You ignored it, on purpose. What else I can expect from you further?”

Suhina brought the discussion in her favour.

Ravi held her hand and expressed his passionate vibe by caring for it,

“I love you. Even after my death, my love for you will be alive.”

Suhina shrugged in frustration. She tore out her hand from Ravi’s grip.

“This is the last time, remember this.”

Ravi’s face got enlightened.

But again, after a few days, Ravi went back to his old habit. Now this was pushing Suhina to an extreme extend.

She couldn’t take it anymore. As a result, without putting much thought, she accepted a job offer in Delhi and convinced herself to leave Bangalore. Staying in the same city always brings her back to Ravi’s memories. Break up demands different cities too.

She communicated the same to Ravi, but Ravi behaved like a child and couldn’t ready to leave her. But this time Suhina was adamant in her decision. She was not ready to meet Ravi anymore, but he kept on insisting.

“Suhina, please meet me last time. Please, consider it’s my last request to you. Please last time.” “Well, then it’s the last time. Meet me at the airport departure gate number five at half-past six in the evening, sharp. One thing more Ravi, if you late today, I will not wait. Believe me, it’s your last chance.”

Suhina hanged the phone.

Uber arrives on time. Suhina on the way to the airport. Will he honour her request this time? A soothing breeze brings this idea to her mind. Will he value her this time, at least?

Suhina arrives airport and starts moving towards gate number five. It’s already twenty-five past six. All of a sudden, she notices Ravi standing there. A smile floats on her face. She asks herself, “Am I dealing with this relationship with to hurry?”

In the next moment, she comes up with an answer,

“A single aberration in a nature does not change the scenario.”

Ravi comes forward. He is carrying a bunch of blood-red roses. He gives the flower and says,

“Suhina I love you please don’t Go. Please don’t break our relationship. I know you still love me.”

“I have taken decision Ravi, no point of dragging this topic further. It’s better we fill our last few minutes with love and wonderful memories.”

“But I can’t live without you.”

Suhina raises her eyebrow and says, “What happens Ravi this is not your statement, you always rational. Why saying those lines which are always melodramatic to you?”

“Suhina, please don’t go. Please.”

“Ravi please comes down; my flight time is near. I have to go. Don’t create scene here.”

Ravi stares at floor for sometimes. Then he looks at her with moist eyes,

“Well, Suhina, nothing to say more then. I love you. Living or dead, I only love you.”

Suhina looks at Ravi’s eyes. It’s filled with tears. Suhina suddenly feeling so bad inside but she can’t express. She moves against her will towards entry gate then turns around, but Ravi is nowhere. He disappears.

Flight ready to takeoff. Suhina asked air hostess for water. There is some discomfort within her. Something is not right; she is not doing correct. She wants to cry, but she can’t.

The mobile rings, Suhina startles. She jumps over it, perhaps it’s Ravi. She wants to tell him she loves him too. But it’s an unknown number. She picks up the phone with reluctance.


“Am I speaking to Suhina Roy.”

“Yes, speaking.”

“Madam, I am inspector Murty from MG road police station.”

“Yes, tell me. I can’t recall that I did something which breaks the law.”

“No, madam, it’s not about you. Actually, I have one bad news for you.”

“What bad news.”

“Well, this evening at five thirty your friend Ravi has made a severe bike accident at MG road. We took him to the hospital; accident injured him adversely. He was not in his complete consciousness. But he kept on insisting us to go airport. As per him, it was his life and death matter. He needed to stop somebody from leaving this city. I am sorry madam on the midway of Hospital he expired despite of our all efforts. We found a bunch of a white rose in his hand. Your name and phone number were written over there. So, we called you. Madam, are you there?


The world becomes dark bit by bit in front of Suhina’s eyes.

With a huge cry in the engine. Flights takeoff.

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